About US

 We  believe horses are sentient beings desirous of and needing good care  and proper tending. Our mission is to find people and homes that meet  these needs for our Greener Pastures' horses. Care in these homes means  regular feeding with appropriate, nutritious equine foods, customary  grooming and shoeing, regular physical exercise and suitable  veterinarian attention. It means frequent human contact. It means  adequate accommodations, regularly cleaned and well protected from the  weather with at least a minimum space for healthy exercise. Usually it  means having other equine, feline, canine or goat, donkey, sheep or even  chicken citizens on site for barnyard companionship. Always it means  love from caretakers and minders. We find our Greener Pastures Rescue  adoption candidates through direct contact with owners as well as a  through a wide variety of referrals. We place our adoptive horses into  new homes only after thorough screening and evaluation for a proper fit  between animal and new "parents." We consult and interact with a wide  range of animal welfare organizations in our continual search for needy  animals and supportive adoptive homes for those horses.