Our Residents



  Status: Hostess

Rein is an 18-yr-old mule. Rein was purchased as a baby by Dana Stillwell. Dana has always had a soft spot for long ears and when she first saw Rein and her twin brother Beau (get it, Rein and Beau? Rainbow!), Dana knew they had to come home with her. Rein opens the door to other rescues and keeps them in line.

Fun Fact: Rein owns the place and she knows it! She gets very jealous when her mom, Dana, gives anyone else attention!



Status: Permanent Resident

Marshmallow is a 26-year-old Draft cross. He is originally from a farm in New York. After being adopted from Greener Pastures, Marshmallow became a Patrol Horse for the City of New Haven Police Department. He worked until the unit was disbanded. After his owner was unable to continue to care for him, Marshmallow came home to Greener Pastures.

Fun Fact: Marshmallow is Greener Pastures’ largest resident!



  Status: Permanent Resident

Princess is Greener Pastures oldest resident at 39-years-old! She is a Leopard Appaloosa who absolutely loves people. She was returned to Greener Pastures from her adopter who needed help caring for her after a life change. Princess is partially blind in her left eye and is missing all her back teeth. She will also respond to her nickname Penny. 

Fun Fact: Princess will always greet anyone and everyone with a loud whinny! 



Status: Permanent Resident  

Emma is a 23-yr-old mustang known for her special Grulla coloring. She was originally seized by the state of CT from a neglected barn situation with multiple other horses. She was returned to Greener Pastures after being adopted and has called the rescue her permanent residence ever since! Emma is capable of opening stall doors. 

Fun Fact: Due to her history, Emma prefers to observe her surroundings but doesn’t always engage. If she does come up to a person, that person must be extremely special!



  Status: Permanent Resident

Mini is a 30-year-old miniature mule. He was adopted from New England Equine Rescue and has called Greener Pastures his home ever since! He is always at the gate waiting for you but only wants to be touched on his own terms! But once he knows you’re a friend, Mini will love you no matter what!

Fun Fact: Mini is an escape artist and has been known to open gates on his own and crawl under fences!